Comic Comeback Round 2: How to Vote for Last Comic Standing and Postcard Information


Round 1 - Comic Comeback Result.

Round 1 - Comic Comeback Result.

I continue to be touched by your support. It's overwhelming. We advanced to Round 2 of the Comic Comeback contest and are one step closer to being on the Finale.

Round 2 is again held on Twitter, so for a tweet to pop up that you can post for your vote, please CLICK ON THIS LINK.

Tweets must be unprotected (i.e., not private) to count. NBC Legal has assured me only 1 vote will be counted per Twitter ID this time, so you only need to tweet or RT once for your vote to register. Of course, feel free to send this tweet out whenever you want because, if people who haven't yet voted RT your tweet, that RT will count as a separate vote.

If the link is not working, you can also just tweet "Alingon #ComicComeback" to vote (NOT "@Alingon #ComicComeback" since the robot won't register your vote with the @ before my name).

Voting for Round 2 ends 7/9 at 3PM. Here's my set for Round 2, where I talk about Embarrassment, Sexual Assault, and Disney:

He won Round 1! Vote to bring Alingon back to perform on Last Comic Standing's finale! Click to vote for Alingon:

I cannot thank you all enough. You've ALL been amazing. Even that weird guy. (You know who you are.)

I don't know how I can show my gratitude, so I'm going to steal a page from @MarylandMudflap. After you vote, send me your Twitter handle and address (below), and I'll send you a personalized postcard with a "joke" on it.

I put "joke" in quotes because the quality will vary greatly.

Much love,